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How to Start Controlling How You Feel – In 5 Minutes With 3 Simple Steps

I hope that you’ve had a positive start to 2019 so far, by sticking to your 2019 intentions and striving to be a better you each and (almost!) every day. When we strive for great things, there will always be what I like to call “The Highs and The Hustles”.
We sometimes go through the grit – aka “the hustles” – as if it’s a test of our determination to get closer towards who we desire to become. To help you power through the hustles, here are 3 simple tips to consider.


Step 1: Be Conscious of Your Mood

Depending what mood you are in, there are changes in the way that you breathe and your body language. If you are feeling stressed, your breathing pattern becomes shorter, causing tightness in your chest and additional tension in your shoulders. When relaxed you will breathe slow, deep breaths in the lower part of your lungs/chest/stomach. Mood also affects our posture. When people are feeling sad or anxious you will notice their body gravitates downwards, shoulders and chest hunched with other body language signs trying to protect their body. Whereas when someone is feeling more confident you will notice their body reflect this; chest out, shoulders back and head up.


Step 2: The Body Influences The Mind

We’ve just learnt the way you feel reflects and determines your body language, but what most people don’t realise is it can also work the other way round. Reflect on the body language you are presenting and endeavour to alter your body language – this can change the way you feel. Smile and strike that ‘Super Hero’ pose!

Step 3: Mind Over Matter

Understanding and being conscious of Step 1 and Step 2 is the fundamental key to having more control over the way that you feel. Your frame of mind has a great influence on the way you act or react in situations, which can determine whether you have a good or bad day! So, in short, when you are feeling a way that is not contributing to your success…


Just STOP for a moment.
And notice the way you are feeling, your body language and your breathing.


Then ask yourself:
1: How do I want to feel right now?
2: How is my body language reflecting the mood I want to achieve?
3: Do I need to control my breathing?



Once you have identified how you want to feel in a situation, use your breath and body posture to get you to your goal. Replicate this behaviour for a minimum of 5 minutes and start to notice how your mood shifts towards where you want to be. Change your hustle to a high!
Comment your thoughts and share your experiences.


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This article is for informational purposes only and not to be considered as medical or psychotherapy advice. 


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